Faculty Research

PMAP faculty often work with affiliated research centers and publish reports based on their work:

The Briefing and the AYSPS Annual Report feature faculty publications and research.

Recent Working Papers

Carolyn Bourdeaux

  • “The Political Economy of Cutting Budgets.” 
  • “Cutback Budgeting Revisited.”
  • “Dimensions of Legislative Budgetary Control.”
  • with Peter Bluestone.  “The Decline of Federal Redistributive Policy in the United States.” 

Gregory B. Lewis

  •  “The Friends and Family Plan: Assessing the Impact of Knowing Someone Gay on Support for Gay Rights.”
  •  “Does Believing Homosexuality Is Innate Lead to Support for Gay Rights?” 
  •  “STEMMING INEQUALITY? Employment and Pay of Female and Minority Scientists and Engineers.”   With Seong Soo Oh.
  •  “Representation of Lesbians and Gay Men in Federal, State, and Local Bureaucracies.”   With David W. Pitts.

Janelle Kerlin

  • “Organizational Dimensions of the Afghan Diaspora in the United States,” chapter in The Role of Diasporas in Developing the Homeland.

Christine H. Roch

  • with Robert Howard.  “The Diffusion of the Constitution: Emulation and Adoption of State Court Ordered Education Finance Reform.”
  • with Nevbahar Ertas.  “Charter Schools, Equity, and Student Enrollments: The Role of For-profit Educational Management Organizations.”

Cynthia Searcy

  • Cynthia Searcy (2008) “Charter School Finance: An Examination of Schools of Choice in Georgia.”
  • Cynthia Searcy with Charles Brecher (2008) “School Choice and No Child Left Behind: A Fiscal Analysis of Fie Distressed School Districts.”

William L. Waugh

  • Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction, New York, N.Y.: Taylor and Francis, working.
  • Emergency Management: A Global Introduction, Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, working.
  • (with Kathleen Tierney). Editors. Emergency Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government, 2nd Edition, Washington, D.C.: International City/County Management Association, working.

Katherine Willoughby

  • (2011). “The State of the States: Governors Aggressively Chip Away.” In Audrey S. Wall, ed. The Book of the States, Vol. 43 (Lexington, KY: Council of State Governments): 117-126.
  • with Sarah Arnett (2011). “Performance Budgeting in the American States: What’s Law Got to Do with It?” State and Local Government Review. 43(2): 79-94.
  • with Cynthia Searcy (2011). “The Great Recession’s Impact: The City of Atlanta’s Budget.” Municipal Finance Review (Spring) 32(1): 11-32.

Dennis Young

  • with Bruce Seaman, editors. Nonprofit Economics and Management: The State of Research.